Camp Mana is a weekend long day camp offering exciting and creative opportunities for children to express themselves and explore their world. Camp Mana is now in its 15th year of inspiring youth and uniting community in service. This year’s camp offerings include art, music, dance, gardening, games and other opportunities for discovery and growth. Camp activities are focused on 4-12 year olds, toddlers are welcome with a parent, and older youth are invited to serve as mentors. Camp will be held on Mana Farm in Niuli'i, near Pololu Valley, in North Kohala.

Camp Mana is a community based event inspiring Island children to cultivate their innate wisdom, creativity and awareness. The camp invites youth into an experience of authentic expression and dynamic connection in a transformative environment of love and respect. Activities inspire inquiry, contemplation, creativity and connection, supported by heart-centered facilitators committed to serving the children. Camp Mana offers a nurturing environment that empowers all children to explore and share the essence of who they are.

Camp Mana is offered freely to ensure that all children may attend, though we welcome contributions to cover camp costs. We are able to serve 50 children this year, and invite all inspired volunteers to help facilitate the experience. Camp Mana is about building community: from the farmers who donate produce to the local businesses who sponsor children, to the volunteers, children and families who gather from around the Island - it is about deepening the roots of the community in authentic love and service.

Volunteer meetings are required to serve in camp. Creating a strong container and community for our keiki and each other, doing our work to unveil our hearts and live authentically, cultivating sustainable peace within...this is all an essential part of the experience and what makes is so powerfully transformative for youth and volunteers.

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You can also see photos from last year's camp here, and previous year’s photos here.
We look forward to creating and sharing next year’s amazing experience of Camp Mana with you and your children!

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