"This is about actualizing a life that is based upon serving the whole…an authentic and true state of living, where our actions, our thoughts, and our relationship to the world is based on how we can give, how we can contribute, how we as human beings can live in loving consideration of the whole."



The Mana Project

The Mana Project offers transformational, experiential learning opportunities in the fields of regenerative agriculture, humanitarian service and community healing arts. Please consider donating to a our foundational fund to support the growth and evolution of our farm, apothecary, living classroom and contemplative sanctuary.


Mana Farmacy

A visionary farm with humanitarian roots committed to regenerative agriculture and organically grown vibrant, love filled food and potent natural medicines. Your patronage at Mana Farmacy supports the flowering of the Mana Project.



Contemplative Farm Immersions

We are students of Nature, grounded in growing ourselves through serving the land and our community.