Mundane is what we use to describe events and experiences in life where we have yet to realize the inherent power present within them.  We label entire areas of our life as ordinary and use it as an excuse to fall asleep and check out. There is untapped learning, unmet conversations, a profound opportunity for connection and a layer of existence left unexplored in the seemingly mundane reality.

It's a matter of perception, curiosity and the courage to engage deeply with the spirit of life that is everywhere.

So, how do we begin recognizing the sacred in the mundane?

By witnessing the judgments that we cast on our surroundings and by beginning to question those judgments… to explore what is true through engaged, direct experience.  Until we are open to question what we think we know, we may remain mired by our own projected beliefs and therefore guarded against the unmet field of possibilities.

When we are willing to question the assumptions that blind us…  we become available and receptive to the subtle, life-giving energy that permeates existence… everywhere, at all times.  Recognize that there is no more power or no more God anywhere else but right here, in the place that you stand… regardless of what appears to be.   There is no more sacred in a temple than there is in your living room - awareness, presence, and curiosity are key.

If I cast the judgment of mundane or ordinary onto anything in my life, it basically says it’s not worthy of my awareness, presence or exploration.

What seems so mundane to us is just unexplored living.

*Tonight, list out everything in your life that you see as mundane, as routine… Sit with the list.  Are you willing to see with deeper eyes and dive into the heart of the matter?