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Hawaii Residential Retreat

Join Vanessa on the Big Island in April 2019 for the ten day Hawaii Residential Retreat, a potent invitation to dive into the ocean of being and be nourished by the source within.

Offered only once each year, this retreat is a unique opportunity to live with Vanessa and a small group in a beautiful home on the Pacific Ocean. Each participant receives an unparalleled level of personal attention, with Vanessa making herself available and offering her complete engagement with each person's journey for ten days. This is an immersive experience balanced between time shared in community and time in solitude, engaging in deep self inquiry, contemplation and prayer, while exploring the stunning nature of Hawaii and being fed by the abundant beauty of the Island.

The Hawaii Retreat can serve to catalyze core level healing, deepen the conversation with the God of your understanding, and renew a life of gratitude devoted to receiving the precious gift of this human life.

This Retreat also serves as a unique immersion in daily living, offering the opportunity to bring full awareness to every task, every day. Offering total presence to each aspect of daily life is made even more powerful by Vanessa's deep engagement with each individual's journey. This sustained experience of remembrance and devotion is carried home, enriching the lives we return to after retreat.

If your heart feels called to this transformative experience, please contact us: