Vanessa Stone

For twenty years, Vanessa has served as a visionary, teacher, humanitarian leader, inspired speaker, group facilitator, and mentor. She has been working, serving and creating with a global community of youth and adults through the Amala Foundation,  a non profit she founded in 2001. Vanessa has initiated and served as lead facilitator in many transformational projects including, The Global Youth Peace Summits, Camp Indigo, Bhatti Mines School Project in India, Camp Mana, One Village Prison Project, African Youth Summits and currently co-founder of The Institute for Emerging Visionaries.

In 2016, the Mana Project was founded as visionary farm, living classroom and sanctuary for contemplation and self inquiry. The Mana Project offers transformational, experiential learning opportunities for adults and young visionary leaders in the fields of regenerative agriculture, humanitarian service and community healing arts. 

Vanessa is devoted to co-create in service with community, and continue to mentor and inspire people from all over the world to put voice to vision, serve creation, study nature, realize authentic freedom and live for the soul.