School for Transformational Facilitation and Community Healing Arts

This 9 month course offers in-depth, experiential study in the Art of Transformational Facilitation and Community Healing Arts. This unique learning experience is designed to offer a deep, thorough and dynamic study in liberated leadership, transformational facilitation, community healing arts, group energetics, dialogue, and healing with an emphasis on the inner work and heart of the facilitator.

Educators, counselors, teachers, youth facilitators, humanitarians, presenters and anyone interested in creating and facilitating transformative and unifying environments for self and others to grow, will learn how to work with the heart of a group, refine perception, communication and how to walk with a group from raw state to flowering. This course has been created to identify, honor and cultivate each individual facilitators authentic and natural gifts in service to the heart of humanity.

The course begins with a four day in-person immersion retreat, and continues with an 8 month comprehensive online course and closes with another four day in-person immersion retreat.  At the heart of transformational facilitation is the inner work of the facilitator… students should be interested in their inner work as it is an essential part of our work and exploration.

Course is limited to 25 participants to ensure intimacy, mentorship and a supportive group experience. Upon completion of the 9 month course, including finished assignments and observational hours we will issue a certificate of completion in Transformational Facilitation and Community Healing Arts.

Course curriculum includes:

  • Cultivating the Container ~ Condition of the Heart ~ Process of Transformation ~ Energetics of the Group ~ Art of Witnessing ~ Projection and transference ~ Collaboration, Co-facilitation ~ Real Time Empathy ~ Tracking Process ~ Art of Inquiry ~ Working with children and teens ~ Heart of the facilitator ~ Listening Presence ~ Healing ~ Community culture setting ~ Navigating the emotional process ~ Trust, vulnerability and willingness and so much more. 

  • Throughout the online portion of this course, guest facilitators will be invited to offer focus learning on specific topics

  • Audio recordings for extended course work and deepening study

  • At home experiential assignments, self inquiry and opportunities for personal mentorship

If you are interested in enrolling for the 2019-2020 School for Transformational Facilitation and Community Healing Arts Training, please submit an application. Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Applicants will be informed of their participation within 10 days.  Course deposit/ payment is required to confirm course enrollment.