A Year of Inquiry: A Deeper Way To Connect With The Life You Are Living

This offering is an opportunity to make your growth as a human being the priority in your life for an entire year, to build sustainable momentum that will serve you throughout your life.

This year-long online retreat offers a raw and honest exploration of what is most alive and true within you. Through daily (Monday-Friday) email inquiries and creative, simple practices, we will dive into the multifaceted experience of our humanity, self, heart, mind, vision and truest nature. Each week day, for an entire year, we will offer you many ways to throw logs in the fire of your own personal journey including contemplative assignments, inspiring readings, guided mediations, and more.

Read a sample email inquiry here. Listen to a sample meditation here.

Year of Inquiry provides a year of consistent nourishment, guidance, and support for you to become a devoted student of your life and unearth what it is offering you in every living moment. It’s an invitation to cultivate awareness through self-inquiry and to deepen into the power of life itself.

Begin the journey at any time: the Year of Inquiry will begin as soon as you say ‘Yes’. Sign up and receive your first email the following Monday. The program runs one year from when you sign up You may cancel at any time.

Monthly payment option: $30 per month (no minimum commitment)

One-time payment: $300 for the year